Picking the Perfect Haircut and Style

When a person is looking for a quick and easy makeover that can change their whole appearance, many men and women opt to get a haircut that makes them look and feel like a whole new person. When considering a haircut for any reason, there are many different styles to consider.

For women, a classic bob is a great style that is easy to maintain. This style looks chic on any woman, no matter what her face shape or hair type. A traditional bob is cut above shoulder length and is one length all the way around. This style may not be flattering for some women, so there are modified bob hairstyles that are all the rage. Layered bobs soften up the look of the traditional bob cut, with subtle layers for a soft silhouette and choppier layers for an edgy look. Bangs can also be added to this style for a cute and stylish haircut.

For those who want longer hair, layers can be added in a variety of ways to add movement and style to hair of any length. Layers cut with a straight razor have a more dramatic and noticeable look for those who want to stand out with their hairstyle. Softer layers are less noticeable but can help longer hair have more style without just laying flat against the head.

Women who wish to go short can opt for a short pixie cut. These styles are very versatile and can be worn straight for a fashionable look or spiked up to look rocker chic. Very short hairstyles like the pixie are very dramatic and are perfect for women who are daring and like to be bold, without having to worry about taking hours to style and maintain their look.

Men who are wanting a new look also have a few options. A fade or buzz haircut is popular for those who like to keep their hair short and low maintenance. A fade is similar to a buzz cut except that it is longer on the top and shorter on the sides and back. A buzz cut is short all over, although various lengths are available to choose from.

Men who like to keep their hair longer may opt for a spiky style. Longer hair can be spiked all over or at the front using gel or pomade to hold it in place. Many men choose a style like this as it is versatile and easy to pull off lots of different looks.

When searching for a new hairstyle, a hairstylist can assist a client in helping them find the cut that they absolutely love. The client’s own personal style, as well as how long they wish to spend doing their hair, their hair type, and the shape of their face will be taken into consideration when picking the perfect new haircut.